WrestleMania 33

Off-Script - Episode 22! It's time once again to punish ourselves with another edition of Off-Script. Today we finally tackle the bloated mess that was WrestleMania 33! 

Roman Reigns has vowed that he will retire the Undertaker at WrestleMania and claim the WWE as "his yard." Somehow, the WWE still expects that he will remain a babyface under such unscrupulous conditions! Also on the card, Brock Lesnar looks to avenge his WrestleMania XX, Survivor Series 2016 and Royal Rumble 2017 losses to Goldberg. Can "The Beast" bring his record against "Da Man" back to a less than stellar 1-3? And in our WWE Championship Match - the Wyatt Family EXPLODES! Can Randy Orton and his giant digital sperm overcome the power of Bray Wyatt and his army of stock footage cockroaches? 

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Outro Music - Spiteful (Alexa Bliss)
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